Diary of Ann Hall

Ann Hall kept a diary of her days in Sarasota during January-June of 1915-1919. During these years, Ms. Hall was in her early 30s. She was quite involved in the community, making references to the Woman’s Club and the Red Cross. She occasionally mentions the Great War, including Registration Day, allowing for a better understanding of how the international conflict impacted the everyday lives of Sarasotans.

Enjoy the following clip of Harriet Burns Stieff introducing the diary of Ann Hall, which is now in her possession. Then, take a look at selections from the diary, guided by a timeline.

The Diary of Ann Hall Transcript


Images & Text: Ann Hall, diary, January-June of 1915-1919, courtesy of Harriet Burns Stieff, Sarasota, Florida.

Harriet Burns Stieff, interview by Joy Feagan and Kana Hummel, Sarasota, Florida, March 5, 2015.